Don’t put Aubergines in a slow cooker…

…unless you want to make baba ganoush!  🙂

Can I just say first of all that I am LOVING the chilled Alpro coconut milk for making my hot chocolates of a night time! Cant believe on slimming world you get 600ml of this OR that 300ml is 60 calories! I’m finding it hard to believe as its so nice and tasty!

I’m bloody stuffed at the moment! Just had my daily ferrero Rocher. Probably could have done without it but it was nice!

I tried to make porridge oat cookies this morning but they just tasted like Canderel! EWWWW. Also I had a coffee at around 10am and was basically ricocheting off the walls at work until about 2.30pm! It was seriously bad!


WHY, why do I do it when I know Caffeine is so bad for me! Gordon Bennett! Had a good day food wise today! Using the life sum app to track my food and I’ve had less than 1500 calories today. Feeling good but I’ve got to sort breakfast out! – It needs to work for me. 🙂 Any good breakfast ideas?

Day 4 – Seven Daily Rituals (I stole these from the APP) here – for you all to see 🙂 As well as stopping being a lard ass you see – I’d like to give up my Facebook addiction and reconnect with my life 🙂

HEALTH – What have you done today to improve your health? (EG – Walk, exercize, yoga, drink more water, cut out one coffee a day?)

Drank quite a lot of water! YAY!!!!

WEALTH – What have you done today to improve your wealth? (EG – Filing, picked up a coin or a note off the street, do a budget, look for a property?

transferred some money so I’m not overdrawn!

GRATITUDE – What have you seen, heard, smelt, touched or experienced that you are grateful for? (EG – Smell a beautiful rose, experience a special moment)

I am grateful for the volunteers who worked with me today! MAKES A DIFFERENCE!!!!

EDUCATION – What have you done today to improve your education? (EG – Read a book, listen to an educational CD or podcast, learn to play guitar.)

I’ve just bought the SIRTFOOD diet book and Im reading some tonight!!

RELATIONSHIP – What have you done today to connect at a human level with family and friends? (EG – Ring your mum, brother etc. Tell someone you care.)

A momentary text message to a friend! Been very busy today!

SPIRITUAL – What have you done today to help someone else – to make a difference? (EG Teach a child, help a stranger)

I meditated!!!

FUN – What have you done today to simply have fun, relax, laugh and enjoy life? (EG – Laugh with a friend, picnic with the kids, swim in the ocean.)

I read a lovely story book to some children and they REALLY loved it!





2 thoughts on “Don’t put Aubergines in a slow cooker…

  1. Egg muffins are good if you like eggs as you can make a batch and they’ll keep for a couple of days and then just have them with fruit or heat up some beans/bacon to go with them. I also like overnight oats with loads of fruit using a yoghurt but I guess almond milk would have a similar effect. Hope this helps x

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