Last night I ate ALL of the food…

HOWEVER, today I still feel positive and great! Result πŸ™‚

I could have been good and ate a tangerine BUT it was Friday, my OH had the munchies and I decided to join in with the munchies myself. So after a good day – of beany/veg salad & bubble n squeak (mashed and fried without oil: potatoes, sweet potatoes, carrots, cabbage & onion – with some onion gravy) I decided to devour:

  • 1 packet of space raiders – beef – YUM!

  • Half a big galaxy bar – not the giant one – the 150 gram one.

  • A Hollands Cheese and onion pie with ketchup – AMAZING!

  • half a bag of prawn crackers – they were admittedly a bit too greasy tasting for me but He LOVES them – the Tescos ones from the crisp aisle NOT from the chippy.

  • AND half a packet of Tesco Tempera Prawns with garlic Mayo – they were so good I even ate the goddamn tails! hahahah

BUT you know what! Usually after a binge when I’m dieting – the next day I feel like a big sack of shit! But today Β – Β I’m feeling pretty damn positive! When I put it all into my Lifesum app (which I LOVE by the way) – Β my day still ended on less than 2000 calories. Now admittedly – I may be entering things wrong or whatever BUT it feels so much better than when I was just relying on slimming world ‘syns’. It may just be me – but with Syns – whenever I’d go over 15 I’d just have a melt down because I couldn’t really figure what they were in ‘real life’ and I’d just feel like a fat fuck and want to throw my giant ass off a bridge! However, this time with calories – I know that 2000 calories is still not a stupid amount AND I actually don’t feel bad for eating it all – could it be because my frame of mind is healthier?? This is a first and I’m VERY chuffed! my average calorie intake for this week has been 1154 so – when you look at it – thats pretty damn good and I’ve had no booze at all! GO ME!

Starting the new week with a spring in my step! And I’m feeling GOOD!!!!!! WHAZOO! hope you all have amazing losses and whatever this week also!

I’ll do myΒ Β Seven Daily Rituals (I stole these from the APP) for yesterday Β here now because – well, why the hell not eh!Β 

HEALTH – What have you done today to improve your health? (EG – Walk, exercize, yoga, drink more water, cut out one coffee a day?)

Hmmmmm, I don’t think I did anything yesterday to help my physical health. I drank a few Decaf teas to maybe that will count πŸ™‚

WEALTH – What have you done today to improve your wealth? (EG – Filing, picked up a coin or a note off the street, do a budget, look for a property?

DE NADA – but I plan on doing a bit of book keeping this morning so theres a start!

GRATITUDE – What have you seen, heard, smelt, touched or experienced that you are grateful for? (EG – Smell a beautiful rose, experience a special moment)

WORK – I LOVE my job! Sometimes I don’t but most of the time it is extremely gratifying and humbling!

EDUCATION – What have you done today to improve your education? (EG – Read a book, listen to an educational CD or podcast, learn to play guitar.)

Finished the Sirtfood Diet book. Looking forward to starting it when I have the money to buy a juicer!

RELATIONSHIP – What have you done today to connect at a human level with family and friends? (EG – Ring your mum, brother etc. Tell someone you care.)

texted my dad, spoke to mum briefly on the phone and chatted with people at work.

SPIRITUAL – What have you done today to help someone else – to make a difference? (EG Teach a child, help a stranger)

I did my job! yea!

FUN – What have you done today to simply have fun, relax, laugh and enjoy life? (EG – Laugh with a friend, picnic with the kids, swim in the ocean.)

I had the music on at work and made some fun stuff!




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