Last night I ate ALL of the food…

HOWEVER, today I still feel positive and great! Result 🙂

I could have been good and ate a tangerine BUT it was Friday, my OH had the munchies and I decided to join in with the munchies myself. So after a good day – of beany/veg salad & bubble n squeak (mashed and fried without oil: potatoes, sweet potatoes, carrots, cabbage & onion – with some onion gravy) I decided to devour:

  • 1 packet of space raiders – beef – YUM!

  • Half a big galaxy bar – not the giant one – the 150 gram one.

  • A Hollands Cheese and onion pie with ketchup – AMAZING!

  • half a bag of prawn crackers – they were admittedly a bit too greasy tasting for me but He LOVES them – the Tescos ones from the crisp aisle NOT from the chippy.

  • AND half a packet of Tesco Tempera Prawns with garlic Mayo – they were so good I even ate the goddamn tails! hahahah

BUT you know what! Usually after a binge when I’m dieting – the next day I feel like a big sack of shit! But today  –  I’m feeling pretty damn positive! When I put it all into my Lifesum app (which I LOVE by the way) –  my day still ended on less than 2000 calories. Now admittedly – I may be entering things wrong or whatever BUT it feels so much better than when I was just relying on slimming world ‘syns’. It may just be me – but with Syns – whenever I’d go over 15 I’d just have a melt down because I couldn’t really figure what they were in ‘real life’ and I’d just feel like a fat fuck and want to throw my giant ass off a bridge! However, this time with calories – I know that 2000 calories is still not a stupid amount AND I actually don’t feel bad for eating it all – could it be because my frame of mind is healthier?? This is a first and I’m VERY chuffed! my average calorie intake for this week has been 1154 so – when you look at it – thats pretty damn good and I’ve had no booze at all! GO ME!

Starting the new week with a spring in my step! And I’m feeling GOOD!!!!!! WHAZOO! hope you all have amazing losses and whatever this week also!

I’ll do my  Seven Daily Rituals (I stole these from the APP) for yesterday  here now because – well, why the hell not eh! 

HEALTH – What have you done today to improve your health? (EG – Walk, exercize, yoga, drink more water, cut out one coffee a day?)

Hmmmmm, I don’t think I did anything yesterday to help my physical health. I drank a few Decaf teas to maybe that will count 🙂

WEALTH – What have you done today to improve your wealth? (EG – Filing, picked up a coin or a note off the street, do a budget, look for a property?

DE NADA – but I plan on doing a bit of book keeping this morning so theres a start!

GRATITUDE – What have you seen, heard, smelt, touched or experienced that you are grateful for? (EG – Smell a beautiful rose, experience a special moment)

WORK – I LOVE my job! Sometimes I don’t but most of the time it is extremely gratifying and humbling!

EDUCATION – What have you done today to improve your education? (EG – Read a book, listen to an educational CD or podcast, learn to play guitar.)

Finished the Sirtfood Diet book. Looking forward to starting it when I have the money to buy a juicer!

RELATIONSHIP – What have you done today to connect at a human level with family and friends? (EG – Ring your mum, brother etc. Tell someone you care.)

texted my dad, spoke to mum briefly on the phone and chatted with people at work.

SPIRITUAL – What have you done today to help someone else – to make a difference? (EG Teach a child, help a stranger)

I did my job! yea!

FUN – What have you done today to simply have fun, relax, laugh and enjoy life? (EG – Laugh with a friend, picnic with the kids, swim in the ocean.)

I had the music on at work and made some fun stuff!




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