Breaking Hearts

Well, I used to think that having your heart broken was the WORST possible feeling in the world… Now I’ve discovered that breaking the heart of someone who loves you to pieces is actually MUCH MUCH worse. But hopefully, one day. When he’s met the woman of his actual dreams, the woman who worships him completely for exactly who he is. Then he will thank me for setting him free…

I can but live in hope. HOWEVER – chocolate, fags, booze and being nasty to myself inside my head is not going to help anyone!

SO, I’ve joined the gym, I’ve exercised every day since we parted and I even meditated today… among all the crying and smoking and crying and talking… At least I’ve exhausted myself into being able to sleep for the first time last night. Progress!

New years resolutions:

Move more – eat less

meditate, move, be healthy, keep my mind occupied, set my intentions and be as positive as humanly possibly eh!


whazoo. Namaste dudes x




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